Thursday, April 05, 2007

MikeM's Home Page

Tuesday at lunch I went to Lowes and bought a lawnmower - not just ANY lawnmower, an electric cordless rechargeable lawnmower. Today after work I took Maggie to the new house and got it out of the box. When I pulled the lever, the damn thing was charged! In the living room. No damage, but it was slightly startling. I took it outside and mowed the back yard.

The thing mows well, no grass to clean up (mulching mower) and seems to have enough charge to do the backyard MANY times. I'll have to experiment with the backyard, front yard, side yard, etc - but it looks like this thing will mow it all on one charge with no problems.

It weighs 50 pounds, which I thought was heavy until I moved the two 6.5hp pushmowers out of the backyard and into the common area for the bulk pick-up tomorrow. Yes, the previous owner left me two non-functional mowers to play with.

I finished mapping the house, measuring all that could be measured. Next, I sit down and draw out eash floor to scale and then start figuring out where to put all my stuff.

Right now, I'm tired and hungry, so I'm gonna eat and then maybe watch some TV and then go to bed.