Monday, April 30, 2007

MikeM's Home Page

I turned over the keys to the apt today, called power, gas, and insurance and cancelled all three for the apt. :) Yay! I'm all moved into the house, but not all unpacked. That could well take a while. I'll work on it every night and more this weekend, depending on time.

Saturday I watched "Happy Feet". That is NOT a happy movie. It is depressing and the writers used a large stick to beat the watcher on the head with the idea that humans were evil. We ate all the fish, made the penguins starve, and when one came to talk to us about taking all the fish, we chucked him into a glass aquarium.

So, since that movie seriously bummed me out, I decided to watch something more fun and upbeat. American Psycho. WOW! Good movie. Not for kids. The guy is seriously demented, psycho, murderous, totally nuts. Fun movie if you like that sort of thing. I mean, he has a head in the fridge and bodies hanging in the closet. Not a guy to piss off. :)

Then Sunday I watched "Soul Music", based on the book from Terry Pratchett. The Discworld is awesome, the cartoon was well done. I watched all 7 episodes in one sitting.

Tonight, Heroes! Yay!