Monday, June 18, 2007

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Well, went to the dentist today to get a filling replaced in a wisdom tooth, and she said it didn't just come out, a piece of the tooth broke off and THEN it came out, and the other large filling right next to it no longer had enough support to stay very long.

I could either have it extracted by a surgeon or get a crown. She gave me a very decent price break on the crown, so that's the choice I went with. At the moment, I have a temp crown that is Not Right. I cannot chew, it's blocking my bottom teeth, so I have to go back tomorrow and have it fixed/altered/whatever. Oh Joy.

So I just had a meal of peanut butter. That's all. *sigh*

Maybe if I feel up to it I can have some nice turkey gravy tomorrow.

Plus my entire jaw is throbbing from the punishment of having a wisdom tooth prepped for a crown. 2 hrs in the chair, including x-rays and waiting for numbing, etc. Not happy.

Maybe tomorrow night I'll be able to eat after she corrects the temp. The real one can't be put in until the 11th - a long wait.