Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Ah yes, I had forgotten to mention - the Compressor for the heat pump cost $1700 + the original $169 - but appears to be working fine, and if it lowers the electric bill it should pay for itself in a year or two. Turns out that since it likely blew in Sept, we have been using electric heat, not the heat pump, all winter - thus the high power bills. DOH!

Maggie went back to the vet today, had a scare last night - I went to bed a little early, and was half-asleep when she came up and jumped in the bed, I was petting her when I realized the fur on the back of her neck was wet. And smelled metallic. Turned the lamp on, and yes, she was bleeding. Nice wake-up. Here's a picture. (Not for the squeamish.) The piece in the pic is about 3/4" to an inch across - it looked FAR worse last night. The vet thinks it was an abcessed boil or something that finally ruptured. Ick.

She's on antibiotics again - but seems to be fine other than this latest excitement.