Monday, April 28, 2008

MikeM's Home Page

Wow - I've been lax in my (self-imposed) blogging duties.

Over the weekend we watched Cloverfield - dissapointing. Decent creature, but you see FAR too little of it, learn nothing about it, have no idea of it's origins, etc. You don't even know if it was defeated. Far too much time was spent on the humans and their silly problems - I kept yelling at the screen to show the MONSTER, not the people hiding behind a car while it was rampaging. Sheesh.

We also watched Aliens vs Predator - Requiem. Awesome. :) Loved it. The last few minutes put everything into perspective, proved the timeline, etc.

First the Predator movies, then the AvP movies, then the Alien movies.

Last weekend (I think) we saw Sweeney Todd - another awesome movie - I laughed through most of it. Great movie.

We got the new compressor installed last Friday/Saturday, then the system froze up Thursday and he came back and added more coolant, checked it out, etc. We are watching it closely. Gah.

I just wrote a set of complex scripts to analyze the firewall logs - and then set it up to do the daily logs and send email alerts to the admins with summaries. I like it.

I also wrote a bit of cgi - branching out - so that from our intranet you can click on an option and a separate script will execute and change all of the screens on the big videowall to a pre-set combination of sources and monitors. Then I added a bit of security and logging to it to prevent abuse and accidental changing.

I'm learning more bash scripting, Regular Expressions, CGI (a bit) and how to integrate html and bash.

My next mission is to take the data generated from the daily and overall analysis of the firewall logs and create a usable html site with access to the live data. Should be fun.