Tuesday, May 06, 2008

What is Windows SteadyState? Just something to be aware of.

Oh yeah, some things I recently learned about Vista - the main problem I have encountered is that some things simply do NOT work unless you are the true administrator account, not a user with admin privileges. And you cannot log in as admin - that account is disabled by default.

There is a secret method of getting a true-admin command prompt, however - hit the windows key to bring up the vista menu, then type CMD in the search bar at the bottom of the menu - but don't hit enter. Instead, hit ctrl-alt-enter. Then say YES to allow it.

Voila - a true admin command window.

Oh yes, I mentioned that the admin account is disabled - even if you re-enable it you cannot login as admin unless you also disable EVERY USER ACCOUNT WITH ADMIN PRIVILEGES. How asinine is that? Sheesh.

If they hadn't made secret methods of getting things to work without the admin account, the OS would be pretty useless. And since there ARE methods to do the same things, that nearly eliminates the need to be so friggin security minded that you disable the admin account.