Monday, May 05, 2008

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I'm 41 now!

Sara and I took the day off and slept late, then at 11am a courier delivered an awesome birthday cake from my Mom! Three layers, whipped cream frosted, chocolate cake! Moist like you wouldn't believe! I have eaten about a quarter of it already.

We went to the 1pm showing of Iron Man - awesome movie, action packed right to the end, and some fantastic acting from all concerned. They hinted at the future involvement of S.H.I.E.L.D. but never named Nick Fury that I noticed. There was a preview of another Hulk movie - looks like a better one than the first one.

Accd to the buzz online, they are planning a Trilogy of Iron Man movies, and he will be making appearances in a couple of other Marvel movies in the near future. Too cool.

After Iron Man we went to see Forbidden Kingdom - not bad, lots of action and super kung-fu action. When you put Jackie Chan and Jet Li together with a cast packed with Kung Fu legends, you end up with a very good movie.

I bought myself a few PS2 games, played one for part of the AM and I'll likely give the others a test-run later on. Maybe some more Buffy as well, we are on season three now - almost to the Mayor's Ascension! Sara won't like that one much, I think... I'll describe it to her as she hides her eyes. :) (He transforms into a HUGE snake, like 300' long. Sara has serious issues with snakes.)

Anyway, decent birthday, spent with someone I love, and we both had a wonderful time!