Tuesday, June 24, 2008

MikeM's Home Page

Greg says he is doing well, I am going down there to see him tomorrow - unless they release him before I can get there. I'll call him early in the AM to make sure he'll be there. :)

We have both dogs now - Maggie and Toby, together again! They seem to be happy with each other, just a bit of argument over who is boss every now and then, but nothing serious. I'm visiting the vet tomorrow to pick up some meds for Maggie, and I'll check to see if Toby can be moved to my account. Next? Grooming.

Tonight is the public HOA meeting - and since I had an interesting argument with a very hard-headed woman over parking, it should be interesting. If she bothers to show up. I have noticed that the most outspoken absolutely RIGHT people are the ones least likely to bother.

Firefox 3 is out. Whee. I am using it at work, and it seems OK. Nothing huge. I refuse to put it on my laptop until they correct one HUGE bug that has apparently been there since the earliest betas : You cannot print certain websites. Any site with over 1 vertical page of content gets chopped off when you print it, and resizing doesn't help. I take PDF snapshots of several sites I frequent, and this is impossible when you only get the top part of the page. It doesn't matter if you print to PDF or printer, same issue. Some have said it is in the way FF3 truncates sites that use scripting or asp, but I say that it worked in 2.0.14, so why did they break it in 3.0?