Wednesday, September 24, 2008

MikeM's Home Page

The plumber came Friday and looked at the leak upstairs - then demonstrated where the water was coming from by spraying the showerhead at the water controls - where they come thru the wall, it leaked like a faucet. The contractors that did the upgrade (before we bought the house) were crap. The caulk job was poor. Abysmal. I saw daylight through the holes in it. So he suggested I buy some caulk and do it myself for $10 or he could do it for $250. :) He's awesome.

Downstairs, he replaced the shutoff valve for the basement toilet and left the insides of the tank for me to replace, again, saving me around $200 if he were to do it.

So instead of soaking me for over $1500 if the pipes were to have been bad, he only charged about $200 for 2 hrs plus changing a valve (which was hard to get to, stuck, and took over an hour to replace). Then I ran to Lowes and got some supplies, caulked the tub and replaced the filler assy in the toilet - all fixed with some time invested.

Over the weekend we saw "Babylon A.D." : I liked it. Not as much action as most Vin Diesel movies, but still enjoyable. Then Monday we took the day off and saw "Journey to the Center of the Earth" - funny, interesting, and we got 3-D glasses. Immediately afterwards, we saw "Ghosttown" - started as a hilarious comedy and ended up a hugely depressing tearjerker. The very ending was somewhere in the middle. Good movie overall.