Friday, October 10, 2008

MikeM's Home Page

Hi there. I'm sick as hell and at work. Today was supposed to be the start of my vacation, but since Sara and I are sick, we won't be going anywhere. Last night I was wat work until 11:30pm working on (of course) the boss's laptop. Mission: Move it from a 60gb drive to a 250gb drive. Easy? No. Ghost wouldn't work, not enough room on the backup partition. Partition magic SCRODDED THE DRIVE. It failed. Spectacularly.

Ran chkdsk from the recovery console 4 times before it came back clean, and it still won't give a fully functional desktop, that is when login works at all.

Ghosted to an external USB drive, and we're building up a spare system as the boss's used to be - without all of his customization and self-installed apps, utilites, etc. Not fun.

My back teeth hurt, my head hurts, serious sinus issues and low concentration scores, with a bad hacking cough and low energy complete the badness.

I was in to work at 7am. Maybe I can leave at 10 - that would be 8 hrs so I can take my friday vacation day on tuesday to try to recover a bit from this oncoming train of a cold/flu/whatever.