Monday, January 05, 2009

MikeM's Home Page

Happy New Year to all - We had a relaxing vacation - watched nearly all of the second season of Dexter - 2 more episodes to go - we'll catch them tonight.

I'm playing Morrowind - that is one excellent game. Especially if you know the secret edit code for the console that lets you set any stat or skill to any number.

Mercantile and personality at 1000 allows you to ask the shopkeepers for all of their money for 'this wonderful bit of mushroom I found!' and they thank you for taking their money. heh.

Of course, setting Acrobatics to 1000 makes jumping into a sub-orbital excperience, taking a minute or so to cease upward movement and begin falling.

If you correct the acrobatics score to a more reaonable 100 while you are falling, you impact quite hard. Oops.

Also - Strength is important. Weapons take slight bits of damage in normal use, so using a sword with a 1000 strength destroys it quickly. Magic weapons last much longer, you you still have to repair them often. :)

I'm enjoying being insanely wealthy, liked, and nigh unstoppable.

And the best part - the Morrowind Game of the Year edition with both expansions is under $20 on Amazon.