Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Just heard from the Vet - the liver enzyme numbers that are supposed to be around 100 for a normal dog and around 200-300 are normal for Maggie for the past couple of years came in at 700 on the 19th, so we took her to the specialist. He was hoping that it was just a fluke caused by the infection on her nose. Retested her yesterday and the number came in at 1600.

Not good.

She's going in for an ultrasound tomorrow at noon. We have to fast her again, no food after midnight, even treats or yogurt, I'll have to force-feed her the meds. I know she hates that, and doesn't understand why I'm not feeding her when I feed Toby. Why she doesn't get a treat when Toby does. *sigh*

Hopefully they will find out what is wrong before I'm broke, and hopefully it won't cost a fortune to maintain her quality of life. Right now she doesn't seem to be in pain or suffering at all, but I'm sure that with her liver self-destructing, that won't last long.