Wednesday, March 25, 2009

They did the Ultrasound and said her liver is 'bright' which is normal for dogs on prednisone, and that the edges were smooth and healthy looking, not ragged like most cirhossis cases are, so her liver is in pretty good shape.

Of course it's good to hear, but didn't really explain the high liver enzyme levels, so the Vet is going on the theory that there is an infection in there somewhere that is causing the liver to do way more work than it should. The antibiotic she was given by the regular vet is not really targeted at the liver, but more at the skin, so he put her on another antibiotic that should take care of anything internal.

So it took 3 vet visits over 1.5 weeks and $750 to tell me she needed antibiotics. *sigh*

But at least we think it is nothing worse, at least not at this time. We'll re-check her liver enzymes in 10 days and see where that puts us.