Thursday, June 03, 2010

Project Results

My project to upgrade the HD in my netbook went perfectly. The waiting is the hardest part, so I had it run overnight.

Recap :
Old 160gb HD was partitioned into C and D, 75gb each.
New 320gb HD is one large partition.

Moved everything from D to C, including swap file, etc.
Rebooted, corrected shortcuts & links as needed.

Macrium backup C, putting the backup files on D

Remove 160gb HD, install 320gb HD.

Plug 160gb HD into USB external cable, connect to netbook.

Boot to macrium recovery CD

Navigate to the external 160gb, find the backup, click restore.

Macrium tells me that the available space is larger than my backed up partition, and do I want to expand the backup. Use the slider bar to expand it to the max.

Tell macrium to verify the backup image, then restore it, then run a windows diskcheck on it. The verify took 2 hrs (done by 10pm), the restore was done by 3am (when I checked it), and the windows disk check was done by 6:30am when I checked again. Likely they didn't take more than an hour or so each.

The system booted up roughly twice as fast as before, and I can definitely tell the difference in speed, loading apps, etc.