Thursday, January 27, 2011

aaaand the snow stopped

It finally stopped snowing around midnight, Sara got home at 12:45, after over 8 hrs on the roads, most of the time stuck in traffic. She said her Honda Fit did excellent, it was everyone else getting stuck and sideways that caused a massive county-wide traffic jam. The news this morning said that some people were only getting home around 6am after being stuck all night.

We just tried out the Snow Fox snow thrower, and while it might be good for normal fluffy snow under 4", 7" of super-heavy snow requires 3-4 passes, having to hold the unit up and 'shave' 2" per pass. In the end, it was faster than shoveling, but only a little.

Since it uses different muscles, once you get tired from shoveling, use the snow-thrower for a while to rest the other muscles.