Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Games n' stuff

Playing :

Mass Effect / Mass Effect 2 - I played ME for 47 hrs and ME2 for 54, and now I'm replaying ME so I'll get a different ending - that I can then import into ME2 and replay it to see the differences.

City of Heroes : I'm playing it on and off, as the mood strikes me.

D&D Online : I cancelled my subscription, but since it was paid up for the year in Nov, I remain a paid VIP until then. But I haven't played in months, so I doubt I'll go back again unless it's to give away all my gear.

World of Warcraft : Sara likes it, and I may get into it as a result. We'll see.

Fallout 3 & Falllout New Vegas : Played them both thru several times, might go back again later on - but not yet. :)