Monday, May 09, 2011

Nice vacation time

I was off from Thur-Sun, had a nice vacation, recuperated a bit more. Sara came down with what I had the week before, so she didn't enjoy the time off quite as much as I did, but she got a lot of napping done. Hopefully in another week I'll be back to normal, 2 wks for Sara.

Toby is doing much better, we are having quite a time trying to keep him from running and jumping but he seems to understand that "Easy!" means that he should slow down.

Maggie is fine, and seems to be recovering from her shoulder injuries as well. I suspect that I may have swapped meds once for the dogs, so that Toby got a megadose of steroids and antibiotics and Maggie got the doggie valium, muscle relaxants and such. Oops. But now I'm very careful to not get things mixed up, and it actually seems to have helped both dogs. heh.

Maggie will actually chase her toys if thrown, and isn't limping so bad as before. We've stopped closing Toby's cage up at night, so he can sleep on the floor but he still gets into the cage by himself at times. During the day while we are at work he is confined though, at least another week of that. I'm still sleeping on the sofa - Toby cannot go up or down stairs, and would bark all night if left alone, so we're waiting on the Dr's approval to let him back upstairs, then I can sleep in my own bed. The things we do for our dogs.