Monday, August 01, 2011

Heat pt 2

So, no AC all weekend, the technician had to get parts Monday am, so we hopefully will have it repaired today at some point.

Saturday night was mild, so we just put fans in the windows and drew the cool air in - cooled the house nicely. Sunday was HOT again, so I put a powerful box fan on top of the outside AC unit blowing up, to exhaust the heat where the normal fan has seized up. It works to a point, we have about half the normal cooling ability and the unit is HOT to the touch.

Hopefully no further damage will be done - it kept the house at around 77-78f as opposed to 84-86 like Sat during the day.

Overnight the cool air let it work better, the house was back down to normal temps this morning, but since it was still 80 outside we couldnt just blow the outside air in like the night before - back to the basement to sleep.

So - AC out, not horrible with the fan sitting on top of the unit. Should be repaired today (we hope).