Sunday, September 04, 2011


Nothing much going on now, all is peaceful!

The recent hurricane mainly missed us, we have lots of leaves in the yard but no damage.

Maggie and Toby seem to be fine, Maggie is limping more though, her arthritis is acting up. :( But she still wags her tail and follows me around everywhere. They are both getting used to having a cat in the house, now if we can get the cat to stop hissing and attacking them when they get near, we could have a peaceful integration.

Bought a new computer for Sara - it was around $400 all-told, and the sad part is that it's about 75-80% as fast as the one I use which cost $1800 a few years ago.

So now I have no less than three old computers that still work but are too slow to run modern games. Ah well. Sara's old one is acting funny, I think either the power supply or HD is going out, and it's a new HD - I just replaced it a month ago. Makes me think the PS is bad. Not worth troubleshooting though.

We have a long weekend to relax, catch up on our DVR'ed tv shows, and play WoW a bit. I just started a new character - an Orc Warlock named Zellikar. Check my WoW page - link is in the left menu. :)