Monday, October 29, 2012

Hurricane Sandy

Detailed storm timeline, maps, and frequent questions

Well, as of right now there is just a lot of wind and rain, nothing really dangerous yet - but the high winds are supposed to be starting in the next few hours, and the rain is going to be constant through Wednesday morning.  Lots of flooded roads and likely the power will go out.  Again.

We bought a generator a few months ago - and I filled the tank with gas and bought 15 gal in addition just in case.  That should keep the fridge/freezers going for 48 hrs or so.  Hopefully we won't lose power at all - the storm is heading far north of us, angling between Baltimore and Philadelphia, and then going along the MD/PA border before heading off north.  We'll be on the South side the whole time, and supposedly the rain/wind is worst on the north to northeast side.

I may even try to get into work tomorrow if conditions permit - we'll see!