Monday, May 19, 2003

Wow - just finished Deus Ex. THREE endings. Save wisely! Put it this way, you can save once you have completed all but the final steps of each of the three options, then load from there and just do the last requirement. All three options are interesting, but I'm afraid that were I actually in this situation, I know exactly which option I would take. In order not to spoil it for those who may be playing in the future, let's just say that I like computers. **Grin**

A word of advice for anyone playing - DON'T USE THE GHOST CHEAT TO GO THROUGH WALLS! Especially in Hong Kong. Especially in the corporation building. Especially when you can't seem to find a passkey. That area is off limits, you come back later... if you cheat, you run the risk of screwing up the future portions of the game, and if you kill the wrong person, the game will lock completely up at one point.

Also, before you start, read the online FAQ at the website, and get the patch for your version. Patch is important if you want to play all the way through the game. for the Game of the Year edition for the older standard edition