Tuesday, March 14, 2006

At work, I managed to figure out a bit more about cloning a server to an identical unit - a co-worker created rsync trees on another box and came up with an excellent script to start from a blank box and completely configure it and rsync the data back to it.

I found a few issues with it and corrected them after a bit of trial and error, but overall that is an excellent piece of script-work. Perhaps today I'll get the other three units done.

Today we are supposed to pull out three of the old racks and replace them with three new racks - proper racks. the old ones were comm racks, which are wider and not as deep as normal computer racks, which means the standard servers will barely fit, and only if pulled forward to the door. Should be interesting.

Then we are also supposed to replace our home page/backup server with one of the new ones. We are doing a lot at the same time, I just hope everything goes smoothly and we haven't missed too much!

Over the weekend I watched "Doom" and "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory" and liked them both. Doom was really good, lots of action and if you ever played Doom 3, you will appreciate the little details they put in.

I was prepared to hate Depp as Willie Wonka, but he was good, the movie was a little strange but overall good. I still prefer the original, but the new version was hilarious in places and is supposed to be much closer to the book and the author's intent.